quick start

PROFESH is the paid version of testling we operate for private repositories on github. This guide covers how to sign up for PROFESH and how to configure your private repositories to run with continuous browser testing.

signing up

First you will need to sign up for PROFESH. Sign in with your browserling account on the https://ci.testling.com/profesh page.

Now click the friendly yellow "sign up" button on https://ci.testling.com/profesh to sign up and pay for a PROFESH plan.

authorizing github

Once you've signed up for PROFESH, from the ci.testling.com page, click the PROFESH icon at the top right near your username.

Click the icon that looks like this:

profesh icon

Now you are on the PROFESH panel. Click the "authorize with github" button so that we can set up webhooks for the private projects

configuring repositories

You will need to configure your repository so that we can run your tests. This means you'll need to set up your repository with a package.json, which is covered on the other quick start guide.

Here is a checklist for your package.json configuration:

adding private repos

Once your package is configured, from the profesh panel, add each username/reponame corresponding to the private packages you want to hook up to PROFESH from github.

Make sure the github username you've authorized has permission to read and configure webhooks for each of the packages you add to PROFESH.

your repo test page

Now every time you push code to github, your tests will be run on testling!

If your badge just says "pending" with no output, don't worry! Make sure you've pushed new code to github for the webhooks to trigger, and then sometimes your tests will take a while to start showing up because of the processing we do behind the scenes to clone your repo and run build scripts.

To view your test results, visit:


where $USERNAME is your github username and $REPONAME is your github repo name.

You can embed a badge for your repo using:


and you can fetch the raw test result data using:


more help

If you are having problems, contact us!

We also offer paid support if you need expertise for a more in-depth integration.

profesh quick start guide
Configure a remote git endpoint. Query your test status. Get a browser badge.
On-site instruction in writing testable, modular code
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