2013-10-11 04:19:33
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TAP version 13 # toArray ok 1 array passes through the queue # toArrayNamedQueue ok 2 array passed to named queue # toArrayAnonQueue ok 3 array passed on in anonymous queue # as ok 4 named queue properly referenceable # push ok 5 named queue with elements pushed after-the-fact properly referenceable # map ok 6 queue mapped properly # reduce ok 7 queue reduced properly # reduceNamedQueue ok 8 reduce passed to named queue # reduceAnonQueue ok 9 reduce passed to anon queue # filter ok 10 queue properly filtered # branch ok 11 big queue properly populated ok 12 small queue properly populated ok 13 invalid queue properly populated # latency ok 14 reduce started processing before map completed # async ok 15 asynchronous methods also complete as expected # everySome ok 16 every finds the string and barfs ok 17 some finds the first number # everySomeNamedQueue ok 18 every finds the string and barfs # everySomeAnonQueue ok 19 some finds the first number ok 20 the queue closed correctly # everySomeAsyncMethod ok 21 some finds the first number even if async # everySomeFailPath ok 22 some finds no numbers # everySomeClosedQueue ok 23 all values were numbers ok 24 some value was not a number! # everySomeSubmittedTestCase ok 25 first method called ok 26 second method called ok 27 close event occurred ok 28 callback finally called # flattenDepth ok 29 flattened input only to a specified depth # nodeAlternateErrorHandlers ok 30 the error was passed to the error callback ok 31 the error is in the unnamed error handler ok 32 error is in the onError queue ok 33 the error is now here # namespaces ok 34 separate namespaces create separate Q instances with the same name # namespaceBranching ok 35 branching in namespaced queues works as expected # each ok 36 side-effect function received one of the values, in the proper order ok 37 side-effect function received one of the values, in the proper order ok 38 side-effect function received one of the values, in the proper order ok 39 each passes the original data along ok 40 and the side effect remains and at the proper value # tuple ok 41 tuple properly converts object into array of key-value tuples # syncNode ok 42 should be equal ok 43 should be equal ok 44 should be equal # exists ok 45 existing queue exists! ok 46 notExisting queue does not exist! ok 47 closed object correctly deleted # kill ok 48 kills the queue, immediately ok 49 kills the branch, immediately # multiBranch ok 50 bar received the value ok 51 baz received the value ok 52 three received the value ok 53 other received the value ok 54 queues received the value ok 55 queue received queue! # sync ok 56 mapSync did not pass a callback function # exec ok 57 provided function got the argument ok 58 provided function a callback because it was async ok 59 The string was thrown into the error queue # execSyncAsync ok 60 got the bool as expected ok 61 caught the thrown error properly ok 62 the bool was properly inverted and passed along ok 63 intercepted error from async function # execArgsMethods ok 64 got true because this is a function as expected ok 65 got true because this is an async function ok 66 received the thrown function properly # eachAsync ok 67 each can be accessed asynchronously ok 68 async each ignores returned values # asyncMapReduce ok 69 All values doubled and summed together # asyncEachMapReduce ok 70 All values logged, doubled, and summed together # wait ok 71 acts like a normal each when delayed ok 72 total delayed time is approximately reached ok 73 kept the correct order (good test of queue correctness) ok 74 total delay time again reached ok 75 kept the order (again) ok 76 total delay time reached # constantBranch ok 77 got the values from the branch # referenceBranch ok 78 got the values into an anonymous queue # arrayBranch ok 79 first queue got the values ok 80 second queue got the values # asyncBranch ok 81 a number was passed in here ok 82 a number was passed in here ok 83 a number was passed in here ok 84 an even number was passed in here # emptyAnonymousQ ok 85 returned a proper Q instance # subqueue ok 86 sync subqueue worked ok 87 async subqueue worked # promise ok 88 the error went into the error queue ok 89 the valid value goes in # autoDrain ok 90 all of the queued elements automatically drained # plug ok 91 all of the queued elements have remained # nodeShortCircuit ok 92 error function received the first value # manuallyDropQueue ok 93 the queue exists right now ok 94 the queue was eliminated from the namespace # unnamedQueueProperlyClosed ok 95 received an array as expected ok 96 the array has the original "cmd" object in it # pushToClosedQueue ok 97 should throw # perf